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Record unemployment won’t be getting better anytime soon.

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Record unemployment won’t be getting better anytime soon. Learn how to protect yourself and build a nest egg fast by Trading penny stocks!

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Featured Companies

Each week Penny Stock Chronicle will feature healthy growth stage companies that we think are worthy of your consideration. The featured companies chosen will adhere to the criteria below.

1. Increased Volume & Momentum

Sudden increases in volume or momentum are major signs that a big stock movement is about to occur, and big stock movements make traders money.

Volume often increases right before a bullish move & getting into a stock right at the beginning of a movement means the difference between major profits & losing money. Likewise, unusual increases in momentum (the rate at which stock is bought over a short time period) also plays a major role as a legitimate buying signal.

2. News Event

News events are responsible for big price movements in the market, however what many penny stock traders don’t know is that micro cap companies routinely announce future events several months prior to the action date.

Stocks often increase in price dramatically a few trading days before such dates & by simply paying attention one can make a substantial profit.

Penny Stock Chronicle catalogs these news events for you and announces them at just the right time so you can make the right moves without becoming a historian. Our information is powerful & 100% legal because our sources are publicly available.

Make no mistake, this is not insider trading. This is the right people, putting in incredible amounts of time to really pay attention so you don’t have too.

3. Technical Analysis & Trading Signals

Stocks don’t always move because of news events. While it makes logical sense to want to know exactly why a stock is going up or down the reality of the situation is that as a trader you rarely will…at least in time to make a profitable trade.

That is why Penny Stock Chronicle also uses Technical Analysis to perceive trading signals from stock charts and discern what they really mean from 50 day moving averages to “Golden Cross Patterns”.

Why You Should Care

By making sure that all of our featured growth companies adhere to the criteria above we’re able to confidently promise you that all of our featured companies have the potential to turn into serious winners for you.

Because at the end of the day what matters more than winning?

But it’s not too late…

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